Midland Expo 2012

Midland Expo 2012 took place on 20th May 2012 at Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre and Golf Course, Kings Heath.

Competition Results


Class 01 - Aircraft, 1/72 & smaller
First:              Robert Balda (P-47 Thunderbolt)
Second:         Dave Halliday  (Grumman Hellcat)
Commended:  John Irlam  (Boeing Kaydett)

Class 02 - Aircraft 1/71 up to 1/48 scale.
First:               Robert Balda (Typhoon Mk. Ib)
Second:          Robert Balda (FW.190D-9)
Commended:   Robert Balda (Nieuport Ni.23)

Class 03 -  Aircraft 1/47 & larger.
First:                 Mark Elliot (F/A-18c Hornet)
Second:            David Throw (P-47 Thunderbolt)
Commended:     D. Foxall (NSAWC Hornet)

Class 04 - Military Vehicles 1/72 and smaller.
First:                J. Ham (Cromwell Tank on War Flat)
Second:           Leighton Geenstreet (K.V.1)
Commended:    J. Ham (Vickers Mk.E Shanghai 1937) 

Class 05 - Military Vehicles 1/71 and larger.
First:                 Nick Shuttleworth (Daimler Ferret Mk.2/3)
Second:            Nick Shuttleworth  (Chieftain A.R.V. Mk.5)
Commended:    John Jenkins (Steyr 640 Funkwagen)

Class 06 - Civilian Vehicles, all scales.
First:                 Chris Hales  (Aston Martin  DB.5 Volante)
Second:             Ian Knott (Voisin C.6)
Commended:     Nick Shuttleworth (Atkinson Borderer Mk.2)

Class 07 - Figures up to & incl. 54mm
First:                  C.Barton (Northumberland Thegn)
Second:             Mike Skelding (Celtic Warrior, 6th century)
Commended:      Mike Skelding (English Grenadier)

Class 08 - Figures larger than 54mm
First:                   C. Barton (Malatesta)
Second:              C. Barton (Poulu)
Commended:       C. Barton (Butler's Ranger)

Class 09 - Ships, all scales
First:                   Mark McCrudden (Oscar II SSN)
Second:                N/a
Commended:        N/a

Class 10 - Sci-Fi & Fantasy
First:                 John Jenkins (Fantastical Fish Shaped Submersible)
Second:            Nick Bradshaw (Wolf)
Commended:     Neil Kilshaw (Woody)

Class 11 -
First:                John Boucker (East Meets West - The 'Ham)
Second:           C. Barton (Resettlement)
Commended:    Nick Bradshaw (Comrades)

Class 12 -
First:                 Mark Stevenson (Bloodhound)
Second:            Carl Lewis (U.S. Air Cushion Vehicle)
Commended:       N/a

Class 13 - Flats & Busts
First:                Peter Flaherty (Oxo)
Second:           C. Barton (British Para)
Commended:    Stuart Jones (French Knight c. 1300)


Class A - Aircraft
First:               Isaac Peat (H L Nelson's Sopwith Camel)
Second:          Victoria Greenwood (Mitsubishi Zero)
Commended:   N/a

Class B - Military/Civilian Vehicles.
First:               Jake Kilshaw (Ferrari California)
Second:          Jake Kilshaw (Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG)
Commended:   Jake kilshaw (Porsche 911 Carrera 4)

Class C - Figures
First:               Isaac Peat
Second:            N/a
Commended:    N/a

Class D -
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
First:               Isaac Peat
Second:            N/a
Commended:     N/a

Class E -
First:               Isaac Peat
Second:            N/a
Commended:     N/a

Senior Best in Show:      Fantastical Fish Shaped Submersible by John Jenkins

Junior Best in Show:      Ferrari California by Jake Kilshaw

Best Club/SIG Display:  Bomber Command SIG


Senior Best in Show model:
"Fantastical Fish Shaped  
 Submersible" by John Jenkins

Photo by;  Crystaltree Photography

Paul Tuckey & Mark Ascott, Mirage SIG.

Sutton Coldfield members in humourous moment.

 Justin and Chris,the Avid Reader team.

Photo by; Roland Turner

Richard Farrar and Paul Hughes on the Bomber Command SIG stand.

Photo by; Roland Turner

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