Sunday, 4 March 2012

March Update

A show management committee meeting was held 1st March to review the preparations for Midland Expo 2012, so far we have had an excellent response from Clubs, Special Interest Groups(SIGs) and Traders. A few traders who attended last year have not been able to book this year due to other commitments elsewhere but several others who were unable to come to last year's show have either booked or made provisional enquiries.

As always with a new venue, last year not everything went according to plan and a number of problems are being addressed, there will be some minor changes to the floor plan to make better use of the space and we are currently looking at potential overflow parking provisions. Although the centre has a 300 space car park it is in constant use by people using the leisure facilities and golf course and it does tend to fill up rapidly which resulted in some complaints from visitors last year.

We also intend to meet with the the centre management in the near future and one of the issues we will be taking up with them is the catering facilities. Despite our pointing out prior to last year's show that they could expect a rush of hungry modellers early in the morning they soon became overwhelmed, we will be reinforcing the message that they need to have adequate supplies and staffing levels to cope.

Also we are pleased to announce that our friends from the Forever Forties group will again

be in attendance with some of their vintage vehicles.

Finally a reminder that with less than three months to Midland Expo 2012 trade and exhibitor spaces are filling up rapidly, so if you are intending to display or trade at the show  and have not yet booked you need to do so now.

For the list of traders who have already booked please go to the Traders Page.