Sunday, 13 February 2011

February Update

Trader bookings

We have now reached the point where we have only a few trade spaces left. If all the traders who have expressed a firm interest, but have not yet booked and paid for space, do so we will be over-subscribed. Therefore traders who want to attend Midland Expo should send their booking forms and payments without delay to ensure that they can be accommodated. Any booking received after all the trade spaces have been filled will be entered on a reserve list, space will be allocated on a strict first come first served basis should there be any cancellations.

Exhibitor Bookings

There has been a good response from clubs, IPMS branches and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and we now appear to have filled the exhibitor quota for spaces and the on-line booking form has now been shut down while we carry out a brief reconciliation to ensure that everyone who has booked has been allocated space. If your club has booked space but does not appear on the list of confirmed exhibitors on the Exhibitors page please contact the bookings secretary to confirm your requirements.


With the trader and exhibitor bookings now almost complete we are moving on to a new phase largely concerned with publicising the show. We are aiming for a high number of paying visitors through the doors and are planning a concentrated publicity campaign in the weeks leading up to the show. Our friends in the retail modelling trade locally have already been distributing or leaflets to their customers and we are particularly grateful to Parabellum, Model Zone, Ian Allen and Mr Models in Birmingham for their assistance.